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Texsel Greens (Garlic Kale)

grow your own delicious nutrient dense texsel greens (garlic kale) microgreens
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A fast growing brassica originally from the Middle East and East Africa - Ethiopia in particular. The University of Texas developed a new variety, therefore naming it Texsel Greens. Kale is thought to be amongst the most nutrient-dense foods, providing us with essential vitamins and antioxidants.

🌱 Nutrient dense: Rich in Vitamin C, also Vitamin A, B6, E & K, Copper, Manganese, Folate, Iron & Calcium
🌱 Tastes: Mild, similar to spinach with a hint of garlic
🌱 Looks: Mid green leaves, white stems
🌱 Germination: 3-5 daysEat from: 10-21 days
🌱 Sprinkle on your poached eggs in the morning, your lunchtime salad, soup or sandwich, and just about any evening dinner!

*Seeds and instructions only - if you require coir growing medium, find it here*
Number of seeds: 1600 seeds approximately! (5.5 grams)

Suitable for repotting outside and growing on? Yes ✅

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Don’t fancy going outside to grow your own yummy goodies? No problem! I have the perfect solution...microgreens...I love microgreens because they germinate and grow quickly and can sit on your windowsill or kitchen worktop meaning they are easily accessible so you can just chop away at them with your scissors and add them to your dinner 😋 .


Microgreens what’s not to love? Quick and easy to grow and highly nutritious...The whole kit is really easy to use with clear step by step instructions and pre measured coir and seed packs...I would happily purchase to get loved ones growing at home 💚 .


Stunning microgreen kit from @sowfreshofficial. I am absolutely thrilled with the quality of this kit, the tubs are recycled plastic and dishwasher safe, it isn’t grown in soil but coir which is a byproduct of coconuts, this alone makes for excellent composting material once your microgreens have grown 🌱 ...I adore the wooden box design.


Micropinks!!!...I am officially in love with microgreens (pinks)...It amazes me that something so small and beautiful can pack such a nutritious punch!


I am particularly impressed with this company and its continuing prompt support . They have many more advanced kits for those wanting to go further with Microgreen growing. If you're new to Microgreens, I highly recommend this product and hope they continue to do well.


I really like the quality of the box and black tubs, how the amount of seeds and coir is measured out makes things very easy and the instructions are very clear. The kit is nice and compact too to fit on windowsills.


I purchased the Chomper, (Excellent Quality) and continue to have great success with all seeds. Richard was extremely helpful, pointing me in the right direction. I am certainly going to be buying from this company for a long time to come. Thank you for getting me started on micro greens.